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This site contains information on and pictures of the applications and modules I have made for my xAP network
Some were made to connect the hardware I have, some are for testing of various xAP applications, some just for fun.

James at mi4 has kindly offered to host these apps for you to download

T's and C's

To be clear, these applications are provided are freeware, subject to the following conditions:-

The applications are provided as is, no warranty is given or liability assumed for these applications nor any guarantee that they meet any specification, or any expectation you might have.

You may not make them available to others from any location other than this, or mi4.biz, neither may you charge for providing them, either separately, or as part of any installation.

Having said all that these applications work in my environment, there is no reason to believe they won’t run in yours.

Where the application has limitations as to its functionality, I have tried to describe that in the accompanying notes.

If you use any of these applications I would appreciate an email telling me so, and if you discover any bugs or need any enhancements I would welcome you contacting me



See some pictures of the programs here:

Generic Redirector



xAP Floorplan

xAP and Tivo


Weather 2



See the Picture captions for explanations




Credit where credit is due

The software you see here would not have been possible without::-

Patrick Lidstones xapax.ocx and example VB code

James at mi4's xAPIntranet ocx and framework

KevinH's BSC framework VB code







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